ALL SEWN UP : A Summer Sweatshirt

January 27, 2016


Back from my little Christmas break, I am all revved up about sewing and creating things to share on Paper Scissors Pins this year. I’ve lots of projects planned and interesting ideas to pursue – especially in terms of combining my sewing with textile pattern design and seeing where that takes me. Gradually, I am […]

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ALL SEWN UP: Bamboo basics

August 24, 2015


It’s been way too long since my last post. No excuses… Ok, maybe a few… Even though this blog has been quiet, I’ve been working behind the scenes – but not always on my own projects. Client work can take over at times. Recently, my time has been taken up with developing baby clothes for […]

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ALL SEWN UP: A Last Minute Panic.

April 25, 2015


Today’s ‘All Sewn Up’ is a dress I made toward the end of last year to wear to my beautiful cousins wedding. Yes, the wedding was in November last year and yes, It’s taken me this long to take pictures of me wearing it… And no, being in front of the camera is not getting […]

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ALL SEWN UP: Checks and Biases

February 15, 2015


Today’s ‘All Sewn Up’ is another summer top I recently made over the holidays. Sticking with the boxy theme from my last sewn project, I decided to make use of a yarn-dyed check in a silk/linen blend. I’d recently purchased this fabric at Astratex in Richmond, Melbourne. The material was a little pricey, so I […]

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ALL SEWN UP: A ‘Boxy Tee’

January 31, 2015


I’ve only recently started to seriously contribute to my own self sewn wardrobe… and after such a long time buying very little RTW to replace clothes that have seen better days, there is now a huge deficit in my wardrobe basics. This was clearly brought into focus the other week when I was planning on […]

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ALL SEWN UP: A Confession and a Cushion

January 21, 2015

Hand made digital print cushion

This will probably sound like an excuse, but being new to this blogging thing, I’m still getting my head around taking pictures of my work… especially the ones with me wearing them! I have to confess I have a backlog of sewn garment posts, all waiting for me to organise a little photo shoot in […]

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ALL SEWN UP: Something Pre-loved, Something New.

November 25, 2014

Pin hem alterations

This is my very first finished project post! So without further ado let me introduce today’s ‘All Sewn Up’. but before I tell you what it is, I need to tell you a little back-story first. My lovely cousin Prue lives in country Victoria along with her partner Stacey. They both decided a few years […]

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