ALL SEWN UP : A Summer Sweatshirt

by Jamie on January 27, 2016


Back from my little Christmas break, I am all revved up about sewing and creating things to share on Paper Scissors Pins this year. I’ve lots of projects planned and interesting ideas to pursue – especially in terms of combining my sewing with textile pattern design and seeing where that takes me.

Gradually, I am creating a direction forward for my little blog and creative business. I’m slowly becoming clearer on what I’d like to say, how I’d like to say it and what I’d like to offer the sewing community online… It’s taken me a while, but I recon I will find my feet this year – I’ve got a good feeling about where I am heading now.

Last year was about putting initial foundations down for Paper Scissors Pins (PSP), feeling my way around a bit, finding my internet feet and doing this while not actively joining the online sewing community to give me the space to work it all out in my own time.

As I begin the new year I have already had so much encouraging feedback to my first PSP fabric design collection and have started to sell those designs on Spoonflower – something I’m pretty excited about and I can’t wait to add more fabric design collections to the shop very soon. If you have already bought fabric from my Spoonflower shop, I thank you – It has been very motivating.

I am in the process of finalising profiles on Kollabora, Craftgawker and Textillia (a brand new and exciting sewing community platform) and I still have plans to include sewing patterns on Craftsy and Etsy this year. So I feel it is all coming together now… Watch this space!

Anyhoo… enough of those New Year musings.


After I released my first fabric design collection on spoonflower it occurred to me that one of the prints would look great sewn up in the summer sweatshirt I’d planned for one of my  Summer Sewing projects.

From the Blossom collection I chose the Springtime Indigo and Ruby design and I couldn’t be happier about the result. The sweatshirt is exactly as I had envisioned it. I cut the top out using my self-drafted long-sleeve crew-neck pattern and I’m really happy with the fit and the way it translated to the fabric… Seriously, I can see my crew-neck pattern being a well used TNT pattern for some time to come.


But reflecting on the pictures here, I realised I was lucky with the design placement, as I had cut it out not giving much thought to where those motives could land. The placement at bust level could have been a little awkward – if you know what I mean. Also, I think I should have chosen to wear my blue jeans instead of my black as I’m not so sure about the black and indigo – oh well…


The fabric design is printed on the Spoonflower ‘modern jersey’ base cloth – a polyester jersey fabric with good elasticity and ping-back when stretched.

I have been wearing this top on a regular basis ever since I made it about a month ago – which surprises me as I thought the fabric being polyester would be too hot to wear in high summer – but it wears very comfortably.

At the time, ‘modern jersey’ was the only fabric available through the Spoonflower store with enough stretch and recovery qualities this garment needed. Now I’d consider using Spoonflower’s newly available Cotton/Spandex fabric, which would also be a perfect fabric to make up in this type of garment and it would alleviate any concerns about wearability in hot weather.


This project has really inspired me to continue with my fabric designs on Spoonflower. I love creating the whole garment from print to sewing pattern. Being able to print fabric through Spoonflower has allowed me the creative possibilities that until recently have not been possible.

If you are at all interested in seeing future projects from me this year, please subscribe to Paper Scissors Pins to keep updated on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to you joining me as I continue my creative journey.

Sew, Wear, Love




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