ALL SEWN UP: Bamboo basics

by Jamie on August 24, 2015


It’s been way too long since my last post.

No excuses… Ok, maybe a few…

Even though this blog has been quiet, I’ve been working behind the scenes – but not always on my own projects. Client work can take over at times.

Recently, my time has been taken up with developing baby clothes for an organic children’s wear label, designing product and textile prints for a very cool women’s underwear label and of all things, helping a client develop an innovative sleeping bag for young children. Life is never dull!


 Some underwear I’ve designed –  now available at Tom.Boi

I’m thinking It might be a good idea to show and tell on this blog when products I have developed are released to the public… Like the underwear pictured above.

In any case, I’ve still continued to fit Paper Scissors Pins work around the client work, but disappointingly I’ve had very little time for contributing to my own self-sewn wardrobe this year… the sort of stuff I had wanted to blog about on a regular basis.

Earlier this year I had quietly promised to sew myself a few needed basics. Long sleeve tops were top of the list.

I didn’t want to replenish my well-worn basics by buying them from a store, as I knew it would take an easy weekend to sew up a few in the jersey I had in my stash. It was an easy job as far as sewing goes – but the sort of job easily pushed to the back of the sewing list.


So, last weekend I finally committed to making three long sleeve tops – one crew neck and two turtle neck tops in black bamboo jersey.

I love bamboo jersey – it’s beautiful to wear. Not so great to sew, as it curls quite a bit, but the drape and handle of the fabric is well worth the trouble.

Bamboo also has some eco credentials, as the fiber is sourced sustainably. That being said, the process of manufacturing the fabric is still harmful to the environment and therefore I don’t like to get carried away with the eco-friendly hype when it comes to promoting bamboo’s benefits.


I initially made the pattern for the turtle neck and sewed the top in the bamboo jersey to check the fit and design proportions. The turtleneck and fit looked fine but I felt that I had made the hem and cuff bands way too deep.



After making the necessary adjustments to the turtle neck pattern, I made a second pattern with a scooped-out crew-neck, using the same pattern for the body as the turtleneck top.


The crew-neck top is exactly what I need in my wardrobe. I have thoughts on using this pattern again to make up various iterations with heavier stretch fabrics in prints with ribbed neck, sleeve and hem bands… So many ideas – so little time!


I’m loving the turtleneck right now… in fact, I’ve always been a turtle-neck fan. The humble turtleneck keeps my neck warm and allows me to wear more wardrobe pieces over winter months by acting as a staple to wear under lighter / transeasonal weights. I’m really glad to see that the turtle-neck is slowly making a comeback these days.

Unfortunately the black garments make it difficult to see too much detail in these pictures but when it comes to a sustainable wardrobe, black is essential in my opinion. It is certainly the go-to shade in my wardrobe. I mostly own black or neutral shoes, bags and basics, which make it easy to coordinate an outfit with little daily effort.

Turtle-neck-3 Layering over my turtle neck is a great way to get wear out of other pieces in my wardrobe all year round. I’m wearing my ‘boxy tee’ over the turtle neck in this pic.

Yep – pretty happy with these pieces. They will be worn on a regular basis before summer arrives in this part of the word.

Sew, Wear, Love






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