ALL SEWN UP: A Confession and a Cushion

by Jamie on January 21, 2015


This will probably sound like an excuse, but being new to this blogging thing, I’m still getting my head around taking pictures of my work… especially the ones with me wearing them!

I have to confess I have a backlog of sewn garment posts, all waiting for me to organise a little photo shoot in their honour.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that this aspect of craft blogging is challenging – and for those just starting out, it requires some working out. Finding a spot in the house that has the right light, at the right time of day, in an appropriate setting is tricky – not to mention my own hang ups about putting myself in front of the camera!

I mention this little hitch as recognition of the challenges I’m facing at this early stage in my journey and hopefully looking back I will find all this angst amusing.

But for now I will console myself with the fact that Tasia from Sewaholic started blogging about her projects by presenting them on a dressmakers mannequin and Marcy from Oonaballoona, a fantastic blogging extrovert, initially wore her creations with her head totally cropped out of the pictures. I think these wonderful bloggers may have had some initial reservations as well, but they are examples of how these things can be overcome in time.

The above confession really has nothing to do with my ‘All Sewn Up’ project today – except for me not needing to be in the photos this time round… Phew!

This was a small project, but one that had been sitting in my ‘to do’ box for about six months.


About 6 months ago I attended a course in digital printing and had designed and sampled a digital textile print on an off white upholstery fabric made from bamboo fibre. Not wanting to waste the print, I decided that the fabric would make a lovely cushion. So I cut out all the pieces needed to construct the project, purchased the filling and the zip… and there it sat for the rest of the year.

Luckily I grabbed an opportunity to finally put it all together during the holiday season and I am so glad I got around to doing it.


I think the print is the feature here. It really makes me happy to look at those large, colourful spots dotted between the grid-like damask pattern – an unusual combination, but I think it works very well.

The fabric itself is lovely. The bamboo gives the fabric a soft handle, but with a structured woven texture and a subtle sheen.  I bought a number of meters from the Bamboo Fabric Store thinking it could make a great jacket or skirt, but it turned out to be too unstable for that type of application. I found that It is only suited to upholstery type projects – and luckily, perfect fabric to digitally print and make cushions with.


As for making the body of the cushion, I made a separate border with mitred corners to frame the cushion print. If I had my time again, I don’t think I’d include a border as it seems to distract from the print. The fabric itself proved a bit tricky to sew, as the fabric was prone to fraying and its thickness got in the way of  turning tight corners when applying  the border to the cushion body.


I do admit the underside of the cushion could have been sewn better as well. I did not think the zip insertion process through well enough before I started, so ended up employing  a bit of ‘Jiggerypokery’ – by hand stitching the zip seam at either end to get an acceptable finish to the zip opening.

Luckily, not many people are interested in the underside of a cushion, so I can live with the less-than-perfect zip opening.  but I finally have my own digitally printed cushion to enjoy and hopefully I will be able to think up plenty more useful projects for my bamboo upholstery fabric in the future – as I have quite a lot more going spare.

Sew, Wear, Love





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