SEW INSPIRED BY: The Delicate Blouse.

by Jamie on December 1, 2014

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Welcome to my first ‘Sew Inspired By’ post!

I’m thinking that these posts will serve to be a discussion about what is inspiring me to sew my next project.

Be it sewing for myself, family or friends, a sewing project needs a good dose of inspiration for me to get started. I have to imagine what it will look like finished, how it will move, the fit, the proportions – it all builds a picture.

At the inspiration stage I look to magazines, history books, film, people on the street and of course Pinterest to help me out with visualising the finished article. Once all enthusiastic, I will start finalising the design and  deciding how I will construct the pattern.

I am hoping that ‘Sew Inspired By’  will be the catalyst to create and finish a sewing project in a relatively short space of time. I will then report back to present what I’ve created, take you through the finished design, pattern making and sewing process and comment on how successful I think I have been –  and trust me, I’m my worst critic!

Now, for today’s inspiration…

A delicate blouse is probably not the most needed item I could choose for my wardrobe right now.

I say this because as far as tops go, I could always use more long and short sleeve T’s – pretty much a daily staple.

However, I’ve recently been conscious of the lack of feminine styling options in my wardrobe and this disturbs me a little. These days I find it all too easy to blend into the background. I’m comfortable in my jeans and T’s – that is fine most days, but invite me to a dressier affair, and I start to lament about the sorry state of my wardrobe.  You see, I’ve been on a bit of a shopping hiatus over the past few of years. This has mostly been due to a refusal to buy throwaway clothing and an inability to afford anything better. “Oh, but don’t you sew?” … Err, well, yes, but until now, for other people – not for myself… Sad, I know.

On a happier note, this blog is the opportunity for me to remedy my wardrobe and share the journey.

But I digress…


When I say a delicate blouse – for want of a better description,  I have in mind a delicate, light and airy blouse with fine detail and soft lines. Not too frilly or flouncy, but understated and feminine.


I love these silhouettes, especially when teamed with trousers or jeans to give the delicate blouse more street appeal – which is more up my ally.

Blouse_Blog-4Images from Paper Scissors Pins Pinterest page: Sew Inspired by…

I’m attracted to these simple lines and clean details.

This blouse is still whirling around in my head and the details haven’t come together yet, but here are a few of my design considerations to share with you.

  1. Fabric – Could easily be made in silk chiffon, crepe de chine. For this project I will be delving into my existing stash and using cotton/silk voile.
  2. Sleeves – Set in sleeves, possibly blouson, gathered at the cuff with a single button opening on a bound cuff.
  3. Neckline – round with keyhole opening – either at the front or back neck. Neck finish may include a type of collar or facing.
  4. Other design details– Clean lines, tucks, pin tucks, pleats shoulder yolks, fine internal seams.
  5. The cut – loose enough to pull on over the head but not over-sized. Should fit slimly onto the shoulders. Blouse should be able to be tucked into the waist or un-tucked to loosely fall over the hips.

So there you have it – my first self-imposed design project for Paper Scissors Pins… Stay tuned!

Do you have any garment / design ideas whirring around in your head at the moment?

Sew, Wear, Love



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