by Jamie on November 25, 2014

 Sewign Patterns

Yes, I  know the online sewing community is really, really nice and supportive and there is heaps of room for everyone but I feel just a little awkward about gate crashing the sewing party.

So, think of these initial posts as my way of formally introducing myself – It’s only polite.

So far, I’ve discussed the fast learning curve  I’ve experience to get PSP up online. I’ve also talked about my creative journey and the desire to create for myself and inspire others in this process. I have put my thoughts in a post about Sew, Wear, Love – a little mantra I have coined encapsulating what I’d like PSP to be all about.

In actual fact, it is all a ‘work-in-progress’ and what I can contribute to the online sewing community still remains to be seen.

What I hope to do is utilize all my skills in sewing, sewing pattern design, illustration and textile design to create beautiful, well crafted sewing patterns and products designed to inspire individuals to sew for themselves and others.

This is all a bit familiar I hear you think – and yes I agree, there are many sewing bloggers / pattern designers / sewists out there doing similar things online. If you are like me, you can’t get enough of that type of inspiration and every one of those talented individuals bring their own sense of style and smarts to the table.

I hope to include my voice to that mix of lovely people online and be a part of the sewing community I have enjoyed from afar for many years.

This is a new and exciting chapter in my life. With a bit of luck and even more hard work, this journey will help me realise my dream of inspiring others to sew and create by expressing my own creativity in a meaningful and fulfilling way.


Sew, Wear, Love


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