ALL SEWN UP : A Summer Sweatshirt

By JAMIE on January 27, 2016


Back from my little Christmas break, I am all revved up about sewing and creating things to share on Paper Scissors Pins this year. I’ve lots of projects planned and interesting ideas to pursue – especially in terms of combining my sewing with textile pattern design and seeing where that takes me. Gradually, I am […]

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SEW & SHOW: A Shearling Scarf

By JAMIE on December 31, 2015


To all vegans reading this, unfortunately today’s post may not be for you. However, If you are ok about wearing and sewing leather, today’s post may be of some interest. I made a scarf from lambs wool. No knitting required! It’s made of shearling to be exact – a two-faced, tanned lambskin with the wool […]

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FABRIC DESIGNS: The Blossom Collection

By JAMIE on October 28, 2015


For those of you who have already seen this post, apologies… I had a few glitches with the article format on the site and needed to post it again  – so please forgive the repeat information. It may be a little too early to blog about this – as I don’t have all my ducks […]

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As summer is around the corner in this part of the world and the days are looking brighter, my inclination for sewing things I can wear in the warmer weather is slowly increasing. Usually around this time I notice sewing bloggers sharing their ideas and the things that are inspiring them for the sewing season […]

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ALL SEWN UP: Bamboo basics

By JAMIE on August 24, 2015


It’s been way too long since my last post. No excuses… Ok, maybe a few… Even though this blog has been quiet, I’ve been working behind the scenes – but not always on my own projects. Client work can take over at times. Recently, my time has been taken up with developing baby clothes for […]

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SEWING NOTIONS: Ready To Wear Methods

By JAMIE on May 28, 2015


  From my time at fashion college I became aware that two types of sewing ideologies existed – those for domestic sewists and those for clothing industry professionals. I found this surprising at the time, but on reflection there was a reason for the two quite different approaches. Home dressmakers had passed down their traditional […]

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CRAFT CURIOS: Beautiful Buttonholes

By JAMIE on May 10, 2015

Singer buttonholer buttonholes

When I go hunting around the second-hand and bric-a-brac markets I’m drawn to objects that have a connection to my past or my own interests. Based purely on emotion, those finds needn’t be practical or useful in any real sense. Found curiosities act as touchstones for me, reflecting a past and putting context to the […]

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ALL SEWN UP: A Last Minute Panic.

By JAMIE on April 25, 2015


Today’s ‘All Sewn Up’ is a dress I made toward the end of last year to wear to my beautiful cousins wedding. Yes, the wedding was in November last year and yes, It’s taken me this long to take pictures of me wearing it… And no, being in front of the camera is not getting […]

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By JAMIE on April 12, 2015


Ok, there is no denying it – it’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately health issues have knocked me about over the last few weeks and I’ve not been able to contribute to the blog. I feel like this has set me back in terms of loosing my momentum, but at the same […]

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ALL SEWN UP: Checks and Biases

By JAMIE on February 15, 2015


Today’s ‘All Sewn Up’ is another summer top I recently made over the holidays. Sticking with the boxy theme from my last sewn project, I decided to make use of a yarn-dyed check in a silk/linen blend. I’d recently purchased this fabric at Astratex in Richmond, Melbourne. The material was a little pricey, so I […]

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